Handmade In BelgiumAwardt 100% Belgian, designed by mother Wies and daughter Els. Distinctive designs for self-aware women of all ages who find themselves worthwhile to carry a bag made with craftsmanship and passion for the craft.

The combination of the special leather types, the preference for beautiful full-grain, the possibility to personalise each bag in terms of details and color makes every AWARDT bag a unique 100% Belgian handmade creation!

You're so special

The sensations, special handbags, are the jewels of our collection.

Each collection takes the shape of a pyramid, with the top being the wildly creative part, where they stop at nothing, taking no account of the sales price or the commercial potential. Lower down the pyramid, the designs become more accessible and affordable.

More information?

Send us an email if you want more information about one of our bags. Note the name and number of the bag and we will contact you as soon as possible.