Belgian Beauties
Male and a female saddlebag. Designed by Malinois, proud of their roots, their craft and their 100% Belgian label! Known Malinois chose their favorite spot in Mechelen and went with pleasure on the picture with these bags.
Belgian Beuaties_030
Belgian Beauties_031
Belgian Beuaties_029
Belgian Beauties_028
Belgian Beauties_027
Belgian Beauties_026
Belgian Beauties_025
Belgian Beauties_024
Belgian Beauties_023
Belgian Beauties_022
Belgian Beauties_010
Belgian Beauties_009
Belgian Beauties_005
Belgian Beauties_003
Belgian Beauties_002
Belgian Beauties_001
Belgian Beauties_021
Belgian Beauties_014
Belgian Beauties_013
Belgian Beauties_012
Belgian Beauties_020
Belgian Beauties_019
Belgian Beauties_018
Belgian Beauties_017
Belgian Beauties_007
Belgian Beauties_006
Belgian Beauties_016
Belgian Beauties_015